Thursday, May 19, 2011

Too friggin' funny...

My sister is way too funny.  This happened on facebook this morning:

me: "a little person burst into our room this morning at 6am demanding pancakes!!! So, I'm making pancakes."

sister: "was it Peter Dinklage?"

In case you don't know (I didn't, I had to google him), Peter Dinklage is that little actor who was the mean children's author in the movie Elf who ran across the desk to beat up Will Farrell for calling him "an angry little Elf"!  He was also in "Death at a Funeral", and was also in a "30 Rock" episode.

Anyways, I just had to share because I was laughing my head off.

And no, it wasn't Peter Dinklage in my room this morning.  It was my son.

I love my sister!!! Hahahaha

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  1. That made me chuckle too... what a visual! lol!