Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First time with Pics!! Hey, that was easy!

Well, things have been pretty quiet here in my blogosphere.  Feeling pretty good lately, which is nice.

I got an email from my hubby the other day, and at the end, he put "I love you and Avery", and then he wrote "Hey, that's all four of us together again".  And I was going, huh?

He meant:

I (Andy) love (Love) you (me) and Avery (Avery, obvs).

I thought that was so sweet, it brought tears to my eyes.

We are at the beginning stages of trying to conceive again.  I find it very scary, but I am also somewhat okay with it.  It all boils down to the fact that I want to have another child, and in order to do that.... Well, you know how it works.

So, I will keep you posted as we progress.  Luckily, we have not experienced infertility in the past, so I am hoping it won't take too long.  But, I am not getting any younger and things change so I am not counting my chickens.


Andy has been working up at Gun Lake near Goldbridge BC lately and invited my sister and Avery and I up there to see him.  We had a blast.

This is the view from the house.  Not too shabby.

The house we beautiful too, and we stayed in the guest caboose which was actually an old caboose that was retrofitted as a guest house with all the comforts of home.  It was really cute.  

It was so nice to spend time with my son and sister.  

This is me and Avery.  That is my headless sister in the background.

Andy will still be up there for a few more days, but we came home yesterday to return the dog in the background to his owners (We were dogsitting.  He was not dog-napped.), and so my sister could return to Vancouver for work.  

Okay, that was my first foray into adding pictures.  It was actually pretty easy!!  Just FYI: I am very careful not to upload people's pictures onto the net without their permission, hence no sister head or hubby.  Also, the house isn't mine so I don't want to post pics.  But believe me when I say it was beautiful.

Anyhoo, that is our life in a nutshell for now.  

Oh, but there was this little gem of a conversation with my sister:

Sis: "So, your parents in law don't have a granddaughter do they?" 
Me: "Yes they do!"
Sis: "Who??"
Me: "LOVE!!!!!"
Sis: Oh, well....(silence)



  1. ugh.. I hate when Kristen is forgotten as Granddaughter as well... she deserves to be counted!
    Your picture of the mountains is stunning! What a view!
    Hoping all goes well with the baby making, and that we can be pregnant (well hopefully I stay pregnant too) together, on opposite sides of the country!

  2. Wishing you short and easy TTC. (Wishing me the same.) Avery is too cute!

  3. beautiful pic!
    I hope you get pregnant right away also, and like Sherri said we can all be pregnant at about the same time.