Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Feeling good these days...

I am 13 weeks+ now, and am feeling great!  This has actually been my easiest pregnancy so far.  I only had about 2 days of nausea this time (as opposed to 3 months), and my energy wasn't as low this time as it was the other 3 times.  So, I am doing something right!!

Well, it is a combination of things.  I have started my own company with Lifemax, and have been taking my Mila every day since before I got pregnant.  For those of you who haven't heard of Mila before, it is a blend of Chia seeds and is jam packed with Omega 3's (3000mgs!!!), Fibre, Protein (and it's a whole protein which is hard to find in a plant based food), antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals.  It is the healthiest whole raw food on the planet, and it has changed my life.  I never say cheesy shit like that, but it's true.  Apparently only 5% of the population get the proper amount of Omega 3's in their diet, and Mila has more nutrition in one scoop than most people get in a week!!  So, I am sure that it has helped me to feel much better this pregnancy.  Plus, the added benefit to my growing baby of all of the Omega 3's for his or her growing body and brain.  This is going to be one smart little cookie!

And if you knew me in person, you would know how crazy it is for me to go on and on about a healthy food.  I am usually the person who buys a bottle of vitamins, takes one or two, and then puts them in the cupboard until they stale-date and i have to throw them out.  I am not a health fanatic.  But... When I started taking Mila I felt differences right away, and that's why I just HAD to join the business.  Why not make some money doing something I love, right??


On Wednesday, Andy and I went and had our Nuchal Translucency ultrasound (because I am over the ripe old age of 35, I am considered an aging mom...).  I was excited at first, but as soon as I laid down on the bed I realized that in a few minutes, the doctor could give me really bad news.  I got super nervous and could hardly breathe.  But, it turns out all is well, and my chances dropped to less than a 1 in 1000 chance of having a baby with Downs Syndrome or Spina Bifida.  So, that was a huge relief.  The baby was super cute too.  It was jumping around, and it actually punched my uterus!!  The little brat.  Then it started sucking it's thumb.  I mean, how friggin' cute is that???  lol

Once we left the ultrasound, I actually allowed myself to get a little bit excited about this pregnancy.  I had been feeling numb up until now.  I still find it hard to accept "congratulations" from people without wanting to say "Whoa, not so fast. Let's just see this little one come out on time and ALIVE first, shall we??".  But I am getting better about the whole thing.

I am also already getting HUGE!!  I look like I am bout 4-5 months pregnant already, and I'm only 13 weeks!  But, this is my fourth pregnancy and my third in a year, so it's no wonder I guess.  But, that is also helping me to get excited.  Watching my belly grow is kind of cool.  I really am trying to enjoy this one because it will be my last pregnancy.

I had my cervical cerclage put in on Friday as well.  I was so freakin' scared for that procedure, because it was my third one.  I was about to have a mental breakdown over the whole thing for a few reasons:

  • I have to get a spinal anesthetic, and when I had Love I got a spinal leak which took 6 weeks to heal, so to say I didn't want to get a needle in my back is a HUGE understatement
  • I HATE the feeling of lying on the bed with my crotch exposed to a room of about 8-10 people wandering around "getting ready" for the procedure.  It is so humiliating.
  • I HATE the feeling of having my lower half be paralysed
  • I HATE the feeling of being able to 'feel' what the doctor is doing, even though I don't feel any pain.  It is way too creepy
  • Oh, and let's not forget that last time I got my cerclage put in, I got a staph infection that resulted in the death of my daughter and turned septic throughout my whole body which almost killed me too.
So, before the procedure, I asked if I could go under a general anaesthetic.  He said that would be fine, so that's what we did.  That really eased my mind, and in the end, it did make the procedure a whole lot easier!!  I mean, I got to sleep through the whole thing.


The recovery was AGONIZING!! I guess I didn't realize it before because I was totally frozen down below, but when I came to this time, my cervix was SCREAMING at me "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME????????" lol  The nurse was loading me full of Morphine and other such drugs.  That's gotta be good for the baby....  Anyways, it's all over now, and I am happy it is DONE. It took about 2 days to full recover, but I am feeling pretty good now.  I just have to remember to take it easy and not to push myself.

The doctor ended up putting me on an antibiotic about an hour before my procedure and I am on it for a week after to ensure no infection takes hold this time.  It is really just a precautionary measure, because my doc says that what happened to me basically NEVER happens, and the chances of it happening again are next to nil, but we are mostly doing it for my piece of mind.

So here we are, the cerclage is in, the baby is healthy, and I am huge.  That's it in a nutshell.

Oh, and Avery is getting big and he is so cute, and I just know he is going to be the best big brother ever.  I still struggle with telling him about the baby. I want to tell him, and would love for him to get excited, but I just feel like that jinxes it somehow.  That is the part I am struggling with right now.  Oh well.